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Purposeful Parenting - A Positive Approach to Resolving Your Child’s Problem Behavior













Are these behaviors affecting your child in school? Making friends? Hurting a sibling? Are they negatively impacting your family dynamic? Is everything a fight?


All parents experience the occasional temper tantrum. However, when your child’s behavior starts making you question your parenting skills, have anxiety about going out in public, or even dread spending time with your child, it may be time to reach out for help.

How can Graham Behavior Services' Purposeful Parenting Program help me?


During our ten week program: Purposeful Parenting, we give you strategies that you can start implementing immediately, all based on the principles of behavior analysis with over 50 years of peer-reviewed research. This program is geared to parents of children ages 2-10, Purposeful Parenting will teach you strategies that will

  • empower you to make parenting decisions that respect your child

  • rebuild your family relationships

  • make parenting fun again

  • empower you to embrace the goals and values you have for yourself and your family

How does the Purposeful Parenting Program work?


During Purposeful Parenting, a trained professional mentor will meet with you at your house. Your mentor will work with you to develop routines that work for your family. We will teach you strategies to decrease your child’s challenging behavior and increase their appropriate behavior. As a positive, research based approach to resolving behavior, Purposeful Parenting takes place over the course of ten weeks. The first 70% of the program teaches you strategies that you can begin implementing immediately. Our positive parenting strategies are supported by over 50 years of research including our five key parenting skills: attending, effective rewarding, ignoring, delivering instructions, and providing breaks. Throughout the remainder of the program, the mentor will work with you to identify specific areas of need unique to your family including social skills, difficult meal times, getting out the door struggles, potty training, manners, sibling battles, and bedtime fights.

Why should I invest in the Purposeful Parenting Program?

Research indicates that toddlers and children who have behavior problems are more likely to:

  • struggle with peer relationships

  • have worse academic achievement

  • engage in aggression, deviant behavior, drug use, underage drinking, deviant peer affiliation, and opposition as teenagers


The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to help your child behave in a socially appropriate way. Children are constantly learning and the longer their out-of-control behavior is tolerated, the harder and more stressful it is to change it. Don’t wait and see if your child will outgrow their problem behavior - let us help you take back control over your life. Let a GBS mentor help you and your family live your best life.


We care about helping your family achieve lasting, meaningful change.

Is a mentor from Graham Behavior Services the right choice for my family?

If you are frustrated with your child’s challenging behavior then the answer is yes. What sets us apart from other companies offering ABA services?

  • Our high quality staff. Our most valuable asset is our staff. We pride ourselves on having the best in the industry. All of our behavior therapists have extensive training in ABA and most are enrolled in graduate programs in behavior analysis. We maintain our staff for many years resulting in very little turnover.

  • Our ability to see clients immediately. We respond to new clients within 24 hours. We guarantee that we will follow up on our initial conversation within a week but it will probably be sooner. We begin services immediately after that as long as we have staff available.

  • Our focus on helping parents become independent so that after ten weeks of training, you don’t need us anymore. We train our staff to work with you to identify your family's values and goals for your child as well as what your child desires. We use that to create meaningful plans that help your child and your family live the life you have always envisioned. It may seem impossibly far off now but we can help you get there.

Does your child

  • ignore you?

  • talk back a lot?

  • have frequent temper tantrums?

  • have difficulty understanding limits?

  • tell you what to do?

  • not accept your help?

  • constantly instigate a sibling or friends?

  • demand constant attention?

  • push things to the extreme?

  • resist anything done to him/her (diaper change, bath, etc. )?

  • throw things or destroy property?

  • hit, push, bite, or kick?

Is your child

  • persistent?

  • unpredictable?

  • dominant?

  • over confident?

  • headstrong?

  • a bully?

  • being bullied?

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