Graham Behavior Services is proud to offer professional development and staff training.


Professional Development

Finding quality professional development courses is hard. GBS makes it easy! Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts are uniquely qualified to present on a wide variety of topics. We take the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and use them to help teachers and paraprofessionals ways to better deal with modern day challenges in the classroom. From challenging behaviors to social skills in the wake of COVID-19, our skilled staff can handle it all.

Professional Development programs can be completely customized to suit the needs of your school district. Whether you are looking for a single day or a series, our BCBAs are able to address common classroom concerns from a compassionate and analytic standpoint. We are also uniquely qualified to provide PD for paraprofessionals! Many of our behavior therapists work, or have worked, in a classroom. We understand the importance of these front line workers, and particularly enjoy helping them thrive!

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Purposeful Teaching

Purposeful Teaching is a teacher training program designed by Graham Behavior Services based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. This program provides teachers with the structure to troubleshoot potential problems in their classrooms using research based interventions. Teachers will be shown positive teaching techniques to help increase positive behaviors, skill acquisition goals, and decrease challenging behaviors. The strategies presented will help teachers make decisions that respect students, rebuild classroom relationships, and empower you to embrace the goals and values that embody your school district.

RBT Training

For programs that want to increase the skill set of their paraprofessionals, we also offer a 40 hour RBT course. Run by one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts, this course covers all of the information needed for participants to be on their way to taking the RBT exam. Staff are empowered to learn and improve while gaining a valuable certification. This course can be offered to small or large groups.