Private, individualized support as it pertains to processing, navigating, and managing parenting a child with special needs. With a background in special education, mental health, advocacy, and social work, Sarah brings a unique understanding to assist families in working through challenging moments and transitions. Sessions are scheduled on an as-needed basis, so that collaboration can take place to identify challenges and work towards goal setting and action.

Cost: $150/hr

*Free 30-minute consultation to determine if services are appropriate

Note: This service is supportive in nature and not psychotherapy. Research-based strategies along with psychoeducation are utilized to guide you through navigating a life with a child with special needs.

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Meet Your Provider

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Sarah Wolfson M.Ed.

Sarah earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Northeastern University followed by a Master of Science in Special Education from Touro College. Sarah anticipates her Master of Social Work from Rutgers University in December 2023. She has extensive experience working with children with disabilities and their families. Sarah has a special interest and experience in trauma-informed care, dual diagnosis, and mental health. She has worked in residential facilities, public schools, and in-home services providing case management, direct instruction, and behavior therapy. After many years of working with families, it became clear that there was a lack of support for parents. In 2024, Sarah will be a Licensed Social Worker in the state of NJ and hopes to provide additional services to families in need. Currently, Sarah provides case management and supportive services for the clients at Graham and their families.