Every child is unique in their personality, likes, and needs. At Graham Behavior Services, we have services to meet all the needs your child may have. From early intervention to advocacy to in-home ABA therapy, our team is ready to give you the personalized, quality care you’re looking for.

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

GBS is proud to offer EIBI in both the home and clinic settings. EIBI services are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. ABA is a research-based methodology proven effective in treating symptoms of autism. Studies show that intervening early in life dramatically increases long-term outcomes.

Located in West Long Branch, our clinic is designed to create opportunities for learning through play. Our highly qualified staff help clients practice new skills within their favorite activities and games. Students will learn to increase appropriate behaviors like communication, play skills, peer interaction and self-help all while playing. We also work to decrease maladaptive behaviors, like hitting, throwing toys, and not following directions. We pride ourselves on creating programs that serve the needs of our learners and their families. Each student has an individualized plan to address their unique strengths and needs. It is our mission to teach from a place of joy! 

EIBI is a covered benefit with most insurance companies. Contact us to take a tour of our clinic location in West Long Branch.


ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the application of behavioral principles to everyday situations that will, over time, increase or decrease target behaviors. By breaking skills down into small steps, individuals have more opportunities to be successful. Sessions are conducted in locations best-suited for your family (at home, in school, at a job placement, etc.), and all services are individualized. We help clients conquer everything from teeth brushing to taking inventory in a store.

Intensive ABA therapy is for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders or Developmental Disabilities, and is the only scientifically validated treatment for individuals on the autism spectrum. Direct therapy is provided to the individual and family.  Therapy is provided by BCBAs and behavior therapists. At Graham Behavior Services, our behavior therapists have a minimum of a bachelors degree and 1 year experience providing ABA services in home or school settings.  Most of our behavior therapists are certified teachers, social workers, or graduate students completing masters degree programs in behavior analysis.

“The goal of ABA is two-fold: to increase useful behaviors that improve quality of life and decrease those that are harmful or interfere with learning or relationships. It is a structured teaching approach that can be implemented in many settings to teach skills from many domains (communication, self care, academic, play/leisure, social skills, etc.). It involves understanding patterns of behavior and examining the influence of environmental factors including what happens before and after the behavior” (autismnj.org).


School Services

Graham Behavior Services offers school based services through consultation and/or training.  We can work with an individual student, a classroom, a school, or an entire school district.  We are available to provide training for an individual teacher or teachers throughout a school district.

School based instruction at Graham Behavior Services are administered by BCBAs and behavior therapists.  BCBAs have at least a Master’s degree and will provide consultation and training on functional behavior assessments, positive behavior support plans, skill assessments, and behavior plan and program development.  In addition, BCBAs can assist with classroom and behavior management. The behavior therapists at Graham Behavior Services have at least a Bachelor’s degree along with extensive experience in Applied Behavior Analysis.  A behavior therapist will be used to implement programming that a BCBA has written and work directly with students. Behavior therapists also collect and graph data when needed.

For school based services, we are available for any school aged child, from preschool up to 21 years old.  We work with individuals with special needs, autism, and any challenging behaviors using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.  We are also able to work throughout a school district to incorporate the use of Applied Behavior Analysis within the school system.

If you are a parent and you would like to access school based services for your child, you can contact Graham Behavior Services directly and request that your school contract with us to provide the needed assessment, consultation, or programming for your child.  Parents can contact us directly for help and direction with how to approach their school to request our services.

If you are a school district and you would like to work together with Graham Behavior Services, you can contact us directly and we can work to develop a plan that works for your school.  We are available to work with individuals, classrooms, multiples schools, and school districts. Graham Behavior Services is available to work with public and private schools, daycares and preschools, and we are an approved clinic and agency through the Department of Education.

Purposeful Teaching is a teacher training program designed by Graham Behavior Services based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.  This program provides teachers with the structure to troubleshoot potential problems in their classrooms using research based interventions. Teachers will be shown positive teaching techniques to help increase positive behaviors, skill acquisition goals, and decrease challenging behaviors.  The strategies presented will help teachers make decisions that respect your students, rebuild your classroom relationships, and empower you to embrace the goals and values that embody your school district.

Social Skills

Graham Behavior Services’ Social Skills group provides ABA-based Social Skills programming to individuals with varying social needs (including ASD, ADD/ADHD, communication disorders) in a group setting. Groups are formed with 3-5 children based on age, need, and skills. These groups allow kids to develop their social skills with peers in a more natural setting than a traditional teaching environment. This sets them up to succeed in generalizing social skills outside of the school and home environment.

Advocacy & IEP Services

Our advocacy is designed to provide support to parents and caregivers to help them navigate the educational system in New Jersey and to assist in ensuring the best school program for individuals with autism, special needs,  and challenging behaviors. We can help you communicate and share your concerns with your school district, navigate the IEP process, and review your child’s current school placement.