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Starting: August 30, 2023

Time: Wednesdays 4pm EST

Join our supportive community of neurodivergent adults as we come together to share experiences, offer mutual support, and foster connections! 💙

This inclusive support group is designed for individuals who have the ability to self-regulate and independently engage in activities, without the need for a dedicated caretaker.

Parents and caretakers are welcome to stay nearby in a separate room, it’s important to note that their participation in the group or event is not to be expected.

*Please be aware that our events may not be suitable for individuals who have a tendency to frequently wander off, as our focus is on fostering a safe and supportive environment rather than serving as substitutes for care providers. We encourage individuals who require ongoing supervision to have appropriate care arrangements in place.

We look forward to creating a space where neurodivergent adults can thrive, share insights, and find strength in one another. Join us and embark on a journey of empowerment, understanding, and personal growth.

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