ABA Therapy for Children with Autism 

Is ABA therapy with Graham Behavior Services right for my child?

If your child is experiencing challenging behavior or if you want your child to gain new skills then the answer is yes. What sets us apart from other companies offering ABA services? Three main attributes:

  • Our high quality staff. Our most valuable asset is our staff. We pride ourselves on having the best in the industry. All of our behavior therapists have extensive training in ABA and most are enrolled in graduate programs in behavior analysis. We respond to new clients within 24 hours and begin services immediately after that as long as we have staff available and insurance approval. We don't keep a waiting list.  If we can’t staff a case, we refer to another trustworthy company because we know that clients need immediate care

  • Our ability to see clients immediately. We guarantee that we will follow up on our initial conversation within a week but it will probably be sooner. After talking with you, we reach out to staff to start immediately. The only delay may be related to securing insurance authorization which we fully handle. If we don’t have staff available, we will refer you to other trustworthy companies - we don’t keep a waiting list because we know that clients need immediate care.

  • Our focus on helping parents become independent so that one day, they don’t need us anymore. We offer extensive parent training through workshops and different tiers of individualized assistance. We train our staff to work with you to identify your family's values and goals for your child as well as what your child desires. We use that to create meaningful plans that help your child and your family live the life you have always envisioned. It may seem impossibly far off now but we can help you get there.

At GBS, we consult with families and provide custom programming based on individualized needs. We offer services in the home, school, and community. We support parents navigating the school IEP process. We coordinate care with other disciplines (school, speech, OT, mental health professionals) to maximize continuity of care. Your child’s well being and ability to live a purposeful life is our top priority. Not only are our staff great at what they do, we care about helping your family achieve lasting, meaningful change.

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